Participate in a variety of workshops at the Holistic Health and Healing Expo!
Workshop Lineup Coming Soon!

Workshop Lineup Coming Soon!

Voorhees Room

Homeopathy for First Aid & Allergies

White Hawk

Jennifer Tronco Armento


A Free workshop to discover how homeopathy can help you in emergency situations and with seasonal allergies.
The Root Causes of Digestive Distress

Natural Health Improvements

Sarah Outlaw


All Disease Begins in the Gut, and so does All Health! Digestion is the process in which all the food you eat is broken down so the body can utilize the nutrients. Gut issues as simple as a stomach ache after eating, to gas, bloating, burping, SIBO, H. pylori, IBS, Gastritis, Chron’s, and others are not normal! They have a root cause! Join us to learn about the importance of digestion, how it impacts your health, and what can impede your digestive abilities. This highly informative in-person workshop will be held during the Holistic Health & Healing Expo at the Westin Mount Laurel on Sunday, March 19th at 12:30pm EST. Space is limited. If you reserve a ticket and cannot make it, please kindly return the ticket at least 24 hours before the event to free up the waitlist. No-shows are not cool! See you there!
Finding Your Center Point

Harmonious Healing Holistic Healthcare

Dr. Kevin Gyurina

$0 – $150

Center Point Meditation (and Theraputics) is a soft and smooth (yet fast and efficient) metatation technique designed to work in a fast paced world. On a continuous basis the tension in our body is constantly being filled. Because of the biology within us this tension can build up without you even having to move a muscle. Examples include:
overthinking, anxiety, depression, worrying, speculating, emotional feeling, instinctive feelings, empathetic feelings, and caring about people and animals. What if I told you there was a way for you to empty this type of tension in a matter of seconds?Sounds impossible, I know, I thought the very same thing. But after years and many hours of practicing CPM, with my self and with others, the results have not only shown its benefits first hand, but it’s also become predictable and repeatable over and over. The coincidences were too many and too consistent for me, that I had to put the information down “on paper” and do my very best at sharing this to as many people that I can. It is that important to meThere is an ebook comes as a PDF, which you can read on any device. (Access via Optimally, the book is a prerequisite for the guided CPM workshops that we will be giving. At these workshops we will train you to efficiently and effectively use CPM on a daily basis for things.

BioEnergetic Scan and Homeopathy

Interconnective Health

Shea Kennedy


BioEnenergic Scanning software allows you to evaluate your parameters of energetic health using information gathered through the hardware system via painless, non-intrusive handheld electrodes. Many people can benefit greatly from the insight obtained through bioenergetic testing. A majority of individuals who visit any general practice are suffering from what is known as a functional disturbance. In simple terms, a functional disturbance occurs when no specific tissue or organ damage can be identified by conventional lab work or traditional pathological diagnostic testing. However, the patient continues to experience multiple symptoms. Where traditional approaches fall short, the bioenergetic system introduces a new perspective, effectively utilizing your body’s own energy with the technology of bioenergetic screening.
BACH Flower Essence Free Workshop presented by SimplyWellness


Stephanie Faris


Each flower essence is associated with a basic human emotion. Mimulus, for example, is for when we are anxious or afraid about something specific. Taking the remedy helps us overcome our fear and face it with courage.

Summary of workshop:

Basic understanding of what Bach Flower Essences are.
How they can help you.
There are Bach Flower Practitioners to support you.
There is more then Rescue Remedy.
I will answer any questions.
Will start @ “““““““““““““““““““““`3:40.
Workshop will be about 20 – 30 minutes.
Thank you in advance for attending. I value your connection and time.

Stephanie Faris, Bach Flower Registered Practitioner

These ARE NOT Essential Oils. There are no side effects.

Medford Room

Unlocking the secrets of Microbiome Health


Genevieve Broomes


Education on how the utilization of good things of the earth can be used to care for your microbiomes and bless the world with heath and boundless opportunity .
Using Energy Medicine to Heal your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Nutritional Wellness Center

Dr Sean Inselberg


How to change your consciousness about an experience so that you move beyond emotional reactions and limiting belief systems. By mastering your consciousness, you can find freedom, healing, alignment and your innate ability to create and manifest a life you love.

Emotions and beliefs as key factors in disease and aging.

The concept of reversing aging and enhancing living.

Learn about forms of energy medicine that bring healing (e.g. muscle testing, acupuncture channels, vibration, light, frequency, and biofeedback).

Space is limited. If you reserve a ticket and cannot make it, please return the ticket at least 24 hours before the event for people on the waitlist. Empty seats are a real bummer!

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy & Natural Aesthetics for Optimal Vitality


Samantha Tucker


This workshop will go over getting your body to optimal condition utilizing natural methods. This integrative practice will cover how Bioidentical Hormones, Vitamin Infusions, and Natural Aesthetics can be used to help you feel and look amazing, without the toxins! Learn how to help your cellular health in order to increase your sexual health, get rid of stubborn weight, decrease Menopause & Andropause symptoms, brighten tighten and lift your skin, as well as many otherbenefits! With over 25 years of experience the Virapel providers are ready to help you learn all about your body and how to feel & look your absolute best, NATURALLY.
Create Pelvic Harmony: Learn 3 Keys to Relieve Pelvic Pain and Ignite Your Pleasure with Jade Groff, CNM, LMT, Pelvic Care Specialist

Journey with Jade

Jade Groff


Are you ready to say goodbye to pelvic pain, menstrual imbalances, constipation, infertility, indigestion, leak pee, prolapse, low self-esteem,low libido…??? Please join me to learn about and explore ways to relieve your pelvic pain (or any symptom), connect to your womb and ignite your pleasure. Because kegels aren’t the fix and often make things worse, I will share with you what works so that you walk away from this hour already feeling a shift and empowered for pleasure. I am so excited to share with you how I support women so that they become symptom-free and develop a clear comfortable connection with their body and feminine energy. Jade Groff, CNM, LMT, Pelvic Care Specialist supports women and nonbinary people assigned female at birth in healing their pelvic concerns and trauma, preconception through menopause so that they develop a clear comfortable connection to their body and their feminine energy. She shares therapies and self care tools for pelvic/womb care and hormonal health to restore your body, ignite your vitality and live a pleasure-full empowered life.
Four Steps To A Better Life

Justabuster LLC

Dr Anthony Canto


“The Big Four Process”

This is a free introduction to Four Steps to a Better Life.
Tickets will be given out for chances for door prizes.

Have you ever wondered why some people live long happy lives and some people die depressed and before their time? Why can some people be perfectly healthy and die suddenly? How does the person that has been an overweight smoker for years, wake up one morning and start losing weight or even stop smoking? It is because of a paradigm shift in thinking, either conscious or subconscious.  In this presentation, you will learn about a four-step procedure that is the focus of my first book, “Four Steps to A Better Life.”

What you will hear in this presentation are the results of 43 years of experience.  I believe that I have uncovered the key for understanding personal change on a new level. By working with thousands and thousands of patients who were seeking better lives, I witnessed both failures and successes in front of my eyes. By understanding these failures and successes, l learned “WHY” some people stumbled in life, while others tackled their problems and moved closer to their dreams.

So, if you are ready for change, ready to move on in your life, lose weight, get in shape, tackle family, work or relationship issues, become healthier, and improve other aspects of your life, plan to attend this presentation.  You will find out the truth, not only why your thoughts, both conscious and unconscious, control your physical body, but also how your thoughts control your destiny.

Are you ready to challenge yourself? To discover where your subconscious is blocking you from being all you can be? You can make any decision in the world with one major drawback, you cannot change the results of a poor decision until you understand how it went wrong.

Therefore, learn how to make the right decisions, by connecting to your true belief system, not what you were taught as a child,  Make your dreams your reality.

NOTE: This introductory presentation is not for those who have achieved their dreams, who already live in the ways that give them deep satisfaction and accomplishment. No, this is for the rest of us who still struggle for a better life.

Moorestown Room

Intro to Primordial Sound Meditation

The Veda Den

Nicoli Sinclair


Are you interested in how to use mantra, a sound technique, to find inner calm and peace within so that you may live a joyful and fulling life? Join us for this free intro class into Primordial Sound Meditation and learn an ancient and proven meditation technique that can help you minimize stress and live the life you desire and deserve.

Pilates Barre Fusion

Forever Hart Fit

Cassandra Breza


Our Pilates classes dramatically transform the way your body looks, feels and performs. Building strength without excess bulk, creating a sleek, toned body with slender thighs and a flat abdomen. Practice coupled with focused breathing patterns. Pilates has proven itself invaluable as a fitness endeavor. A Mix of pilates, yoga, ballet, and functional movement exercised using the barre, pilates ring, mats, mini balls, light hand weights to sculpt, slim, and stretch your entire body while creating a burn. Barre socks required, please bring your mat.

Kirtan Chanting

Kirtan Immersion with Asha

Dr. Asha Pandey-Smith


Open your heart and feed your soul with Kirtan (musical mantra meditation) of the Holy Names of the Divine. Be ready to sing and dance! Kirtan is a limb of Bhakti Yoga, meaning to glorify the transcendental nature and qualities of the Divine, and can be done via speech or song. In this case, it will be musical chanting of simple and traditional Vedic mantras in a call & response form. All are encouraged to open their mind and heart to the experience.

Renee Pavarati


Yoga at the EXPO Enjoy a short and sweet yoga session to rest, reset and recharge your mind, body & spirit. You are warmly invited to bring your whole self to the mat with compassion and curiosity.

Journey through a series of purposeful postures, mindful movement, and breathing techniques designed to honor your mental, physical, and spiritual needs.

In this 30 minute class, you will be gently guided to explore variations of the yoga poses offered in a supported, safe, and welcoming space.

Paranormal 101 class @ Holistic Health & Healing Expo

Spiritual Healing with Beth O'Brien
Beth OBrien


Paranormal work shop! Everything and anything you ever wanted to know about the Paranormal and how to use the equipment and do proper Paranormal investigation. You will also be taught on how to use your own psychic intuitive abilities that we all have. You will also get to hear some of the best EVP’s (electronic voice phenomenon) captured. There will also be time for Q&A. The class as a whole will also be given intuitive guidance for the day. Fee $25.00 per person

Marlton Room

Plant Medicines:Healing with CBD/Cannabis for Optimal Health

Mitchell's Medicinal CBD

Mitchell Ebert


Have you heard about the medicinal properties of cannabis but curious about how this plant can alleviate so many disparate health conditions like, chronic pain, depression, sleep disorders and anxiety? Join us and learn how this incredible plant works naturally with our biology but without harsh side effects. We dive into the science and and expose the truth and how CBD might be the missing link to your natural health journey.

Positivity/Inspiration Spinner Coloring and Art Activity Workshop

All Positive Products

Paul DiCamillo


In this one-of-a-kind workshop, Individuals will be creating their own personalized positivity spinner.

The Positivity and Inspiration Spinner combines the life-changing powers of affirmations with the profound positive effects of art and creativity. This unique combination enables users to start creating deep and meaningful shifts in their lives. If we want to be healthy in our mind, body and spirit, we should choose to think and use words that will build us up and increase our joy and happiness.

Each workshop kit will feature a spinner arrow and holder, 4 sheets of positive word labels for you to choose from, and a set of colored pencils. In addition, the kit comes with a circular magnet, making it perfect for any magnetic surfaces. Ideal for a solo activity, families and groups, this positivity spinner empowers users to improve their health and enrich their life. Better your mind, body, and spirit with this Positivity Spinner from All Positive Products.

Topics for this workshop include:




































Through the power of positivity, many people have found peace and balance. This art kit fosters that positivity with its customizable positive word wheel, which can be colored to express your creativity, calm your anxiety, and suit your needs.

This Inspiration Spinner is designed to help you manifest meaningful moments of mindfulness throughout the day.

The magic happens when you approach mindfulness with creativity, playfulness, and delight.

Each design of the positivity spinner is an invitation to be joyous, inventive, and in the present moment.

Coloring is a wonderful way to escape the stresses of everyday life and allow your mind to dream, wonder, and relax.

It is my wish that this positivity spinner not only provide you with a creative outlet, but will also act as an uplifting and inspiring activity.

Color in the design, be mindful as you choose your favorite colors, words and intentions and spin your way to a wonderful day!

Crystal Healing Made Easy w/ Heather 'Painted Deer' D'Amico

Painted Deer Creations

Heather Damico


In this hour, we’ll take the enigmas out of crystal healing and make it something that is easy to add to your daily wellness routine.

While relaxing & receiving a healing in my crystal grid, we’ll talk about:
· What crystal(s) are for me?
· Where and how to find authentic, ethically sourced crystals?
· What do the different shapes signify?
· Simple ways to heal with crystals every day.

We will end with a meditation and everyone will be gifted a healing crystal to take with them.

About Heather-
For 20 years, I’ve had the honor of helping people on their path to wellness.
Some of my techniques include Reiki, Shamanic healing, Intuitive channeling, Tarot card reading, Crystal therapy, and Massage therapy. I enjoy combining everything into customized sessions and classes to get you to your highest potential.
I see clients virtually and at my private practices in Pitman. NJ and Collingswood, NJ. You can also find me at local events with the carvings, giving lectures, and classes all around the Tri-state area.

Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel

Eckankar, Satsang Society of New Jersey

Janine Wrzesniewski, Walt Wrzesniewski, and Paula Anderson

Janine, Walt, and Paula have been presenting classes for decades in these three key aspects of Eckankar. Janine and Paula are in the alternative healing arts, and Walt served as an officer in the Coast Guard. They find that the spiritual practices of Eckankar have helped them realize their true nature as Soul.


There is more to life than what you see! How can knowing our past lives, understanding dreams, and being able to Soul Travel help lighten your journey?
You are Soul — unique and eternal. Discover how dreams can provide access to the most sacred part of yourself, unlocking hidden meanings. Gain deeper insights into how understanding past lives and the play of karma can help you move forward with more clarity and confidence. With Soul Travel you can expand beyond the human state of consciousness to a greater love and a deeper experience, finding inner guidance that is available at all times. The teachings and spiritual techniques of Eckankar can provide answers as you explore the threads that connect dreams, past lives, and Soul Travel. Please join us for this free presentation and bring your questions.



Akashic Records Meditations: what, how, why

Jade Rose

Bonnie Fedge


We’ll talk about some amazing ways you can use your Akashic Records in your life, answer questions and explore opportunities. I’ll present some concepts of Akashic Records, Meditations with them, and my experience. I’ll talk about how I use them, share how you could use them, and we will play with an introduction to Akashic Meditation and visualizations. I am very excited to share this experience with you.

Mindful Movement, and How it Pertains to Everyday Life

Forever Hart Fit

Cassandra Breza


This workshop will be led by Forever Hart Fit owner Cassandra Breza, She will discuss how daily movement is important to our everyday health. Whether that’s daily walking, yoga, barre, cardio or weights. The more you do it, the stronger you become. She will give insight on how different movements will create muscle confusion helping to make you stronger and how movement is just as important for mental health as it is for physical health.

2:00 PM
Shine Your Light

Morgan Stanley

Gil Bovell


Through a multiyear, life altering physical challenge with Post Concussion Syndrome I was ultimately brought to a place where miracles happen.

By applying energy healing techniques and my own intuition, to what seemed an incurable condition, I was able to fully heal, going from 10% cognitive functionality to 100%.

One of the biggest light bulb moments in my recovery took place when I began taping into one of the most powerful and beautifully simple energy sources that we can control and actually dial up!

The emotional energetic feeling of LOVE.

In this workshop I will share some simple ways to love yourself more deeply and with pure gratitude.

Conventional science has proven that our consciousness (that is, what we choose to think about) affects our health and physiology.

The energy of love is a phenomenon that can’t be explained or measured by doctors. It can flow forward as well as into the past, transforming everything it touches while regaining the essence of the present moment.

There is an unseen powerful force in all of us and the more I learned about it the more my physical body healed. My passion is to help you tap into the infinite love that is within and that I believe can help heal physical conditions as well as challenging life circumstances.

Here is where you truly begin to “Shine Your Light”.

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