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Still Point Awareness

We at Still Point Awareness Center, are so excited to be joining our community in this year's Holistic Health and Healing Expo! Recently we have erected a 23 foot sacred space on our land, called The Magical Healing Yurt; that we are so ecstatic to share with all who are interested! The founder of Still Point Awareness, Chick Balter has been an active student in the Vedic Yogic school of thought since the 70's. He has written and published several books since then, along with expanding his interest in Quantum Energy and the Healing Powers of Water. Chick is joined by his two beaming colleagues, Qiana Jackson and Lisa Balter. Both of these ladies bring their own treasure trove of gifts to The Magical Healing Yurt and Still Point Awareness, as well.
 Lisa is a classically trained chef, specializing in health conscious whole food provisions spanning the globe. She is also a sacred birth assistant, a student of "Wise Woman, Susan Weed", a reiki healer, and retired massage therapist. Qiana is a budding sacred birth doula and an exceptional massage therapist of 10 years. She is also a product developer and entrepreneur, sacred sound healer, numerologist, certified therapeutic breath coach, and spiritual advisor. Additionally Qiana also manages events and booking for The Magical Healing Yurt, when she's not doing other community oriented work. Together we have built a wondrous and inviting space where learning happens, spirit is engaged, and joy overflows. Please stop by and see us, we cannot wait to meet you!

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March 2023