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Four Steps To A Better Life

The Big Four Process


Four Steps to a Better Life

“The Big Four Process”


  • This is a free introduction to Four Steps to a Better Life.
  • Tickets will be given out for chances for door prizes.


Have you ever wondered why some people live long happy lives and some people die depressed and before their time? Why can some people be perfectly healthy and die suddenly? How does the person that has been an overweight smoker for years, wake up one morning and start losing weight or even stop smoking? It is because of a paradigm shift in thinking, either conscious or subconscious.  In this presentation, you will learn about a four-step procedure that is the focus of my first book, “Four Steps to A Better Life.”

What you will hear in this presentation are the results of 43 years of experience.  I believe that I have uncovered the key for understanding personal change on a new level. By working with thousands and thousands of patients who were seeking better lives, I witnessed both failures and successes in front of my eyes. By understanding these failures and successes, l learned “WHY” some people stumbled in life, while others tackled their problems and moved closer to their dreams.

So, if you are ready for change, ready to move on in your life, lose weight, get in shape, tackle family, work or relationship issues, become healthier, and improve other aspects of your life, plan to attend this presentation.  You will find out the truth, not only why your thoughts, both conscious and unconscious, control your physical body, but also how your thoughts control your destiny.

Are you ready to challenge yourself? To discover where your subconscious is blocking you from being all you can be? You can make any decision in the world with one major drawback, you cannot change the results of a poor decision until you understand how it went wrong.

Therefore, learn how to make the right decisions, by connecting to your true belief system, not what you were taught as a child,  Make your dreams your reality.


NOTE: This introductory presentation is not for those who have achieved their dreams, who already live in the ways that give them deep satisfaction and accomplishment. No, this is for the rest of us who still struggle for a better life.


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